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Benefits Counseling and Information: Employment and Disability Benefits


Connect to Work Project – Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS)

General Contact Info:

Contact the Connect to Work Project:
800-773-4636 (Voice) or 860-920-7163 (Video Phone)
or E-mail:
Joyce Armstrong, Project Director, 860-424-4849

General Purpose of Agency/Resource:

The Connect to Work Project provides benefits information at the individual, programmatic, and policy levels to support the employment goals of persons with disabilities. The Project offers planning and counseling related to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in an effort to provide high-quality benefits information to individuals with disabilities.

Specific Activities of Interest to Persons Living With AIDS:

The Connect to Work Project provides individualized benefits planning and counseling for people on public benefits. The project’s goal is to help you understand how work may allow you to become more financially secure and independent.

What you can expect:

The Project’s Benefits Specialists, formerly called Community Work Incentive Coordinators (CWICs), can provide:

  • Specific information on work incentives available to Social Security recipients.
  • Examples of how a combination of earnings and benefits – or earnings alone – can help you achieve a more secure financial future.
  • A review of your benefits and services to help maximize your independence.
  • Quick turnaround if you are actively considering an offer of employment.
  • Follow-up services after you return to work.

How to effectively access this agency/resource:

To receive benefits counseling services you must be working or considering going to work in the near future.

Contact the Connect to Work Project office to ask about benefits counseling for consumers:
(800) 773-4636 (Voice) or (860) 920-7163 (Video Phone)

Additional Resources:

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