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Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind


Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB)

General Contact Info:

To register for services, please call our toll free number at 1-800-842-4510.

General Purpose of Agency:

Our goal is to provide effective and efficient services that result in better opportunities, independence and community access for people who experience significant visual loss.

Specific Activities of Interest to Persons Living With AIDS:

These programs offer comprehensive services that are customized to each consumer’s specific situation. Rehabilitation professionals are available to come to the homes, schools and places of employment of consumers, delivering specialized independent living, educational and vocational training. In addition, the Business Enterprises Program offers a unique opportunity for people who are blind to become entrepreneurs.

What you can expect:

The primary goal of BESB’s Vocational Rehabilitation Division is to help legally blind adults obtain independence through employment. We believe that blind people can compete in mainstream society and become empowered individuals. To reach this goal, we assist blind job seekers in breaking through physical, psychological, and educational barriers that are temporarily preventing them from obtaining careers that match their skills and motivation.

How to effectively access this agency:

Program Description: If you are experiencing a vision loss that makes simple daily tasks difficult or impossible, you may be eligible for services from the Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB).  Talk to your eye care professional, physician, or a neurologist about submitting an eye report form to BESB.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Division offers and coordinates with community rehabilitation providers services for people who are legally blind that result in employment success. Consumers are active participants in the development of career goals and the identification of services and providers. This results in obtaining the skills and accommodations necessary to achieve vocational independence. The provision of appropriate adaptive technology and specialized skills training enables people who are blind to have the capability and qualifications to obtain and retain careers.

The goal of the Vocational Rehabilitation Division is to assist people who are legally blind to obtain or maintain independence through careers that match their skills, interests, and abilities.
Some of our corresponding services are:

  • Job-retention services enabling people to remain competitively employed.
  • Assistive Technology allowing individuals to function better on the job or in school.
  • Low vision evaluations, training, and aids that help individuals adjust to make the best use of their remaining vision.
  • Counseling services that help job seekers make informed vocational decisions. We also offer clinical and diagnostic counseling related to vocational planning and employment.
  • Training at institutions of higher education, including:  tuition and housing assistance in certain situations, books and supplies, reader services, technology assessment, and other services identified between the student and the vocational counselor.
  • Computer training, situational assessments, work evaluations, and other types of vocational training.
  • Homemaker services providing training, equipment, and aids enabling individuals to independently manage their homes.
  • Services and counseling that help high school students transition to college, vocational training, or full-time employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation provides services enable people who are blind to become more independent, confident, and empowered.

To register for services, please call our toll free number at 1-800-842-4510.

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Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB)