AIDS Housing in Connecticut

Since the first program opened its doors in the mid-1980s, the agencies highlighted in the Red Ribbon Housing Guide have housed hundreds of men, women and children who otherwise would have been homeless. They’ve responded to our communities’ needs by creating unique and successful forms of supportive housing long before it became the norm. Some are actual houses, others are independent apartments; some care for the physically fragile while others care for the socially fragile. Each has its own personality and characteristics, but all strive to ensure that persons living with AIDS are provided with the highest quality housing and support services available.

Together, these programs have ensured that by simply providing someone with a home and support, their lives have changed for the better. Folks have been able to stay in medical care, take their medications, keep their families together and live longer, healthier lives. These agencies are staffed by an incredible group of talented, experienced, tireless caregivers who demonstrate true dedication to ending homelessness for people with AIDS. We thank each and every organization and individual for their inspiration.

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