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Additional Resources

Employment and Living with HIV/AIDS: U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy

HIV/AIDS Employment Toolkit for Individuals, Employers and Service Providers

Frequently Asked Questions: Employment and Living with HIV/AIDS

Topics include:

  • Does the law protect me from discrimination on the job or in a job search?
  • Do I need to tell my employer I have HIV/AIDS?
  • What is a reasonable accommodation? Do I have the right to request a reasonable accommodation? What is the best way to make that request?
  • How do I ask my employer for time away from work to see doctors or visit the clinic?
  • Are there any jobs I am prevented from doing or getting training for, such as barbering, massage therapy or health care assistance?
  • Will my insurance company report my HIV/AIDS status to my employer?
  • Can I be denied insurance coverage based on my HIV/AIDS status?


National Working Positive Coalition

The National Working Positive Coalition is a coalition of individuals living with HIV, service providers, researchers, and advocates who are committed to improving the financial and personal wellbeing of individuals living with HIV and AIDS.

Connecticut HIV/AIDS Organizations

The HIV Technical Assistance Project – SF Human Rights Commission

Click above for information on these topics:

  • Legal Overview
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Job Interviews
  • Medical Inquiries and Confidentiality
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Serving Clients and Customers with HIV/AIDS
  • Reasonable Accommodation Policy
  • Life Threatening Illness Policy
  • Nondiscrimination Policies
  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Bereavement Leave Policy
  • Confidentiality Policies for Employees and Clients
  • Referral Guide

Employment Rights of People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Primer, The Center for HIV Law and Policy

Disclosing HIV Status in Employment

Asking for Accommodations under the ADA

Talking About Your Disability in Job Interviews